One Month Check Up

Friday was my one month check up.  It went very well, including the fact that have now lost 30 pounds since the surgery.  My fitness guru, Dameon (one handsome devil, I must say) says that’s sort of unheard of.  I feel as though I am following in Valerie’s footsteps.  🙂  I had a good talk with the counselor and the nutritionist who gave me some muffin tin recipes, and gained some good insight about eating habits etc.  She also introduced me to some rather tasty snacks: edemame and pumpkin seeds.  Yummo.  Good for you and a really decent amount of protein in them.  I’m feeling even more excited about this journey.  I also saw Dr. Billing about the pain I’d been having. He did a little exam and detrmined that I do not have another hernia (GOOD) and said that he had put a stitch in the muscle and that it would most likely be another 4-6 weeks before that pain would totally heal.  Of course, like taking a car to an autoshop and the symptom not presenting itself, the pain wasn’t there when I saw Dr.Billing.   It occurred a little bit later, but it has lessened greatly.

Yesterday, Saturday, Valerie and I got our hair done and I had my nails done as well (a fun Valentine’s Minion motif 🙂 )  Then we did a little shopping because the jeans I was wearing were very baggy.  Oh darn.  What a horrible problem to have  LOL.  The fun part is now we can both shop at Macy’s and not in the “big girl” stores.  I found a pair of jeans and two really nice blouses.  Valerie found a really nice sweater.  We marvel as the sizes we are fitting into.  If I weren’t so much shorter than her, we could truly share a wardrobe at this point.  It’s fun.  I remember the first time we went shopping for Valerie at Macys and she found some dress pants that fit.  The look of sheer joy on her face was a sight to behold and I think we both were filled with so much joy in that.  On Presdient’s day we shopped and I found a pair of pants, with elastic, that were size 14p.  I was estatic but figured it was because of the elastic.  Yesterday, I tried regular, non elastic, pants in size 16p and they were too big!  Thrilled doesn’t begin to touch it.  I had an outfit on that really shows the weight loss thus far and Valerie, with a twinkle in her eye, said ” It feels really good, doesn’t?”  I said yes and she said “Losing 30 pounds is a big accomplishment….I’ve lost 100 more than you but you know….”  She’s such a bitch.  LOL.

Later we went to JC Penny and I found another pair of pants, again in the regular petitie section and a couple more blouses.  Oh, Liz Claiborn, how I’ve missed you  😀

Valerie and I are really having a lot of fun with this.  She has been such a wonderful touchstone.  She is keeping an eye on me and my “mental state” and offers gentle reminders to only sip the water.  It’s funny, before the surgery, I had a tough time getting liquid in. I just wasn’t usually thirsty.  Since the surgery, I tend to want to drink more, but I’m having to be careful.  I have to sip only, not “guzzle” and once I eat something, which is supposed to be every few hours or so, I cannot drink for at least 30 minutes.  That’s when I WANT to drink.  LOL.  I’m learning to read the “I’m full” signs, and the hunger for actual hunger’s sake.  It’s like a new awakening and it’s fun.

Tomorrow I start back to work.  There I will face a few challenges, aside from work itself, in that people often bring in lots of snacks, like donuts.  I will need to be ready to channel Burt Bacharach/Dionne Warwick and “Walk on by”.  😀




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As a young girl growing up I couldn't fathom life in the year 2000, yet here a in the middle of the 2000's and still going strong. :) I have many thoughts and opinions that I may decided to expand upon in future blogs, but he primary reason I began blogging was to communicate the journey of my partner as she embarks on weight loss surgery. I want to not only bring her story to light, but to share the perspective of the support/care giver as we sail these waters together. I started a separate blog to wax poetic on whatever strikes my fancy. It's sort of a kitchen sink of my randomness. :) View all posts by tomboyjudy1959

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