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Up Up and Away

Yesterday was my first outing since the surgery; the first post op appointment with Dr. Billing.  The event was filled with anticipation, a bit of anxiety, and excitement.  I was eager to get the tube removed.  That little grenade became just an annoyance.

We left home and I realized I forgot my water which would be needed to take the last of my pain pills in anticipation of the removal of the tube.  I’m not going to lie.  I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain.  I guess the truth is that I sometimes build things up to be much bigger than they really are.  I have been assured by many that this is human nature.  But, in the moment the anxiety began to build as we drove from Puyallup to Shoreline.  The GPS initially had us arriving almost 30 minutes late for the appointment due to traffic mishaps in Seattle.  Surprising right?  I hear the laugher build as I write this.  LOL  Valerie did a valiant job of playing the “beat the GPS ETA” game and despite a misstep with the GPS that led us astray and told us the express lanes were open when they weren’t, we made it to the clinic being only 3 minutes late for the appointment.  For this reason, I officially dub her “Valerie Andretti”.  🙂

Though we were 3 minutes late, we ended up waiting about 15 minutes for the doctor, which actually provided time for the pain pill to start to work after taking it upon my arrivial.  After the preliminaries of weighing in and going over the details, the Dr. came in and dispensed with removing the tube.  As Shakespeare said “Much Ado About Nothing”.  I am almost embarrassed about how much I built it up in my head.  We chatted with Dr. Billing about the surgery and my weight loss.  We also talked about the tumor they found during the surgery.  He checked and the pathology hasn’t come back yet, but he said they have seen quite a few of these tumors and they are usually benign.  Left unchecked, they do grow and can turn into cancer.  He wanted me to be aware of this because it’s possible that I may be getting at call from a Onocologist and they may want to do some blood tests etc.  He didn’t appear to be worried in any way.

As I said, the scale at the clinic matches the scale at home.  That’s good to know.   At the time of the surgery I weighed 204.  After returning home, and having extra fluids in me to keep from getting dehydrated, my weight was 213. As of yesterday morning, the scale read 191.  22 pounds.  I am ecstatic.  I would expect as much with an all liquid diet, but I am overjoyed nevertheless.

Last night I started the next level of the diet…. pureed foods.  That means a little more substance and a little more flavor.  In my excitement I had some cottage cheese, which I ate a tad too fast and learned my first lesson.  You have to skin your knees a little when you learn how to walk.

I owe a humongous thank you to Valerie for her support.  She has not only helped me get in and out of bed; set the pillows so I can rest comfortably and deal with the pain in my sciatica.   She has helped me in more ways than I can til you and that she knows and I want to thank her for her continued support and love.